Why You Need An Inventory

Do I Need An Inventory Service

If you’re a landlord or tenant, inventories give you the added legal protection against the inevitable disputes that  arise either during or after a tenancy period.

An independent inventory can be used in court, it will allow you to prove the condition of your properties if there is an argument concerning damage, theft, loss or the deposit. Any inventory must be accurate and clear and witnessed and signed by all parties if it is to be held up as a proper determination of the facts so that it can be  accepted by an adjudicator or court.

To Make A Reliable Assessment You Need An Inventory 

Inventories which haven’t been prepared by an independent source are not entirely without merit, but if there is a dispute, they can be open to extreme scrutiny The value of an independent party not tied to an estate agent means that protection of both the landlord and the tenant is protected. Photographs taken in this way give a great deal of added reassurance to the both the landlord and tenant and both parties can sign with full peace of mind  

Why us?

Cost Efficient Fast And With Excellent Processes In Place, Inventory is  produced on tablets at site  uploaded and once checked emailed across to you all within 24hrs or less

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